Uniform Kit Information

 Adidas kits (shown here) are for Competition teams.

Adidas kits (shown here) are for Competition teams.

UNIFORM Requirements

All players are required to purchase uniforms and training apparel every two years, per their team's’ purchasing schedule and kit requirements. The 2018-19 year is is the start of a new cycle and all current and new players will be required to purchase a new uniform kit.

What's included in the uniform kit?

Competition Uniform Kit Adidas - $290
√  Home (onyx jersey & short, Black & onyx socks)
√  Away (white jersey & short, white socks)
√  Training Tops (green & gray)
√  Long Sleeve Warm Up/Training Top

Academy Uniform Kit - $85
√  Home Kit (gray jersey, gray short)
√  Away Kit (white jersey, gray short)
√  2 pair socks
√  Training top, short, socks (green/black/black)
√ Meta Knapsack

EXTRAS – (optional for purchase)
√  Stadium Team Backpack - $60
√  Adidas Condivo16 Training Pant - $45
√  Black & Onyx socks - $16 (Comp only) 
√  White sock - $16 (Comp only)
√  Black socks - $9 (Academy only)


When will the uniform kits & Extras BE available?

All new uniform orders, will be shipped within 3 weeks of Purchase.

What if i have an issue with my uniform?

Please contact Scoreboard Sports directly.