MetaSport FC is a competitive soccer club focusing on individual player development and multi-sport training. We don't recruit kids to then just churn them through a huge program.
We aim to help a player grow into a high-performing, healthy athlete, and a well-rounded person.

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Together we're building a community

√  400 players representing 37 teams
√  23 coaches & trainers
√  Thousands of volunteer hours logged



who we are

Ok, we admit it. We're a little dreamy when it comes to soccer philosophy. We boldly believe that comprehensive player development is No. 1 (right behind crazy, mad love of the game). 

Programs & Teams

From MetaMinis to Academy and Competition, we aim to provide all age groups with a fun and comprehensive experience - and that includes the core concept that multi-sport training is key.


outside the box

We're not afraid to try new technology or offer services that will make your family's club experience a little more organized and a lot more inclusive. And, we thrive on feedback and great ideas. 

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