How to Message & Text

You can send a message to an individual team member, selected members, or the entire team directly from Team Center or from the SportsEngine mobile app. Once you send the message, a notification is sent via email to the recipients. They will receive a text ONLY if they have enabled the text notification on their account settings.


1. Login to your Team Page.
2. Click the yellow Manage Team tab to access your Team Center.
3. On the Roster tab, click the Message button.


4. Enter the recipient’s name or choose the name from the drop-down list. You can message the entire team, selected members, or all staff by choosing All Players or All Staff from the drop-down list. Click both to message all team members.

5. In the Message field, enter your message.

6. Click Send Message. The recipients will receive a text message (if they have Opted-In to receive text messages) notifying them that a message was sent to them and will include the Subject, or "title," of the message and a link to access the full message. They DO NOT have to log in to see this message.


Send Messages/Texts on Mobile App

⇱  See How to Use Mobile App

How do you add more emails to a player's account?

Parents may want to add a second or third email to their accounts so they can receive team emails and texts as well. 

How to Add emails to accounts in SportsEngine for Parents/Players