Use Mobile App to Manage Team

The SportsEngine mobile app represents everything you've set up on your Team Page. The mobile app is what you'll end up using the most to manage your team.

1. Download the SportsEngine app for your smartphone:

Accessing Your Team Using the Mobile App

Any teams for which you are on the roster will automatically appear in the My Teams tab. Teams that you want to follow will appear in the Following tab after you add them.

To access your team from the mobile app:

1. Tap to open the SportsEngine app on your device.
2. Login with your SportsEngine username and password.
3. Tap your team.
4. You can access all of the team functionality within the team’s home screen.


Send message with mobile app

1. Tap the Messages icon from the team home screen. A list of all received messages appears.
Tap the “+” to create a new message.
3. In the To field, type the names or select All team.
4. Enter subject text and then start typing your message. When completed, tap Send.