Get Started

√  Edit Player info on Your Roster
√  Add events & games to your calendar
√  Invite players to events & manage RSVPs 

Login as an admin to your Team Page

1. Go to your Team Page at and login. 
2. Click Edit Mode on left-hand side of page. 

If you login and don't see the Admin and Edit icons on the left, email Michelle Wixom, club admin.


Edit player info on Roster

1. Click the yellow Manage Team tab from your Team Page and you'll see the Team Center (below).
2. To add a player headshot, and edit jersey # and position, click on the player name and choose the pencil icon to edit player info.
3. On the Staff tab, edit coach and assistant coach information.
4. The Roster is only shown to parents/players of that team. It's private to the public.

- If you're missing a player on the roster, DON'T add them, email


Add event or game to your calendar

On the Schedule tab, click the New Event OR New Game button and enter the required information.

1. Repeatable Event - weekly practice? Select checkbox and select frequency. Enter the End Repeat date.
Location - Enter the address of the game location. Clicking this in the mobile app will convert this info to a link which will open it in your default map application.
3. Location URL - (optional) Enter the URL of the event location or venue, such as the URL for the location from Google Maps.
4. Invite all players and staff - Select this checkbox to invite all team members to the event. They will receive a text and email notification if they have opted-in to notifications asking them to RSVP.


Update or delete event in calendar

1. From either the Events or Calendar tabs in Team Center, click the event you want to update and make changes.
2. Click Save Changes.
3. You will be prompted to decide if you want to resend the invitation. If so, the updated invitation will be sent to the same group and will clear out their initial response requiring them to RSVP again.

Note! Please do not delete recurring Meta events such as club wide Tech Training as that can delete the event from ALL other team calendars.

Manage player RSVPs to events/games

Manage RSVPs for each player or coach within your team’s Team Center or within the SportsEngine mobile app.

Email Notifications

The players you invite to a game or event will receive an invitation email to which they can RSVP. They will simply click a button within the notification indicating that they are going, not going, or maybe going.

NOTE: If recurring event, they can click on Going to RSVP for all dates and then click on Schedule to make any RSVP changes to individual recurring event dates.


Mobile App Notification

The players you invite to a game or event will receive an invitation alert on their smartphone from the SportsEngine mobile app that they can tap to respond to the RSVP in My RSVPs.


Viewing & Updating RSVPs in your Team Center

1. On the Schedule tab, click RSVPs to view a response for a team member.
2. If you have not received a response from a team member, click on the Pending drop-down list.
4. Here, choose to resend invite, cancel or update their RSVP.