Coaches & Team Managers

To all MetaSport Coaches and Team Managers: We greatly appreciate your time and effort - you're helping build a terrific club and you're making a difference! 

Below are topics with helpful resources to guide you through the year. Please contact us with questions. 

Michelle Wixom, Club Administrator, Team Manager contact, Uniform Coordinator
Junior Hoffman, Director of Coaching
Britain Thomas, Founder and Technical Director


Utah Youth Soccer Association: Each year, players must register using the Affinity software in order to participate in the state gaming league. It includes liability insurance, official rosters, associated fees, and background checks for coaches/admins. It's also where you'll register for most regional and state tournaments.

MetaSport FC: Each year, players must also register with MetaSport through SportsEngine - our club registration, communication, payments, and team management platform.

 Register a player for 2017-18

More How-To info on Affinity below in the Common Questions section.

Team Pages & Communication

Every MetaSport Team has its own Team Page through SportsEngine and its mobile app. Your Team Page is your basecamp for scheduling and team communication. Find it by clicking on the TEAMS tab at

It's critical that you use the Team Pages on SportsEngine and get ALL of your parents using the mobile app. This is also how the club communicates with parents/players.


Communication & Scheduling Expectations

1. The Team Manager/Coach can send a weekly or bi-monthly team update using the Manage Team tab on their Team Page or through Messages on the mobile app. 

2. Team Manager/Coach adds team practices, games and events to their team's schedule - this can be done on the team page and on the mobile app.

3. MetaSport provides monthly club-wide newsletters, one-off announcements & updates, and schedules club-wide trainings and events on the master calendar, which automatically adds to your Team Page calendar.

Team Management - The Binder

Your key to an efficient and organized season starts with the Team Binder. We STRONGLY suggest you create one with these key items. 

1. Affinity Participant Registration Forms: All players should provide you with a signed (in 2 places) form after Affinity registration, which give you permission to get medical treatment for a player if the parent is not be present. Take with you to games, practices, events. 

2.  Copy of each Game Day Roster: Print one out for the Referee and for you. It has so much information and you can't generate it after the fact when you might need a copy.

OTHER Links & Resources

⇱   UYSA Download Center (everything from Player/Team forms to travels forms
      and concussion clearance form)

⇱   UYSA Team Manager FAQs (how to download & print roster, how to club pass, how to
      club pass, how to enter scores)


Common Questions

How do I access my team on Affinity?

  1. Go to

  2. Login with your UYSA username and password

  3. It should pull up your “My Account” page. If not click “My Account” tab.

  4. Scroll down and click “Teams” tab.

  5. Find your Team’s name for 2017-2018.

  6. Click on the “Team Info” link and see team profile page.

  7. Make sure the “Team Roster” tab is highlighted.

  8. You should see your roster.

How do I create roster for in-state / OUt-of-state tournament?

⇱  Go here for instructions

What if I have a guest Player?

⇱  Fill out the Specialty Player Action Form in the UYSA download center

What is the Tournament Payment Program?

Team Managers/Coaches can take advantage of the Tournament Payment Program, in which MetaSport pays the upfront costs of the tourney entry fee and invoices players for their share.

⇱  Fill out the MetaSport Tournament Payment Form Request

Additional Useful Player Forms

UYSA player forms in its download center include:

  • Blank Participant Registration Form - in case parent forgot to print

  • Pull Insurance forms - to file an injury/insurance claim for secondary insurance

  • Player Transfer Form

  • Player Permission to Drop Form

⇱  UYSA Download Center for Forms

How-To's from UYSA

Everything you need to know about Team Management.

How do I Club Pass?...
How do I Reschedule a Game?...
How do I Score a Game?...
How do I Contact an Opposing Coach?...
What to do If You Suspect a Head Injury...
How long is my Game?  What size soccer ball do I play with?...
How do I pay my team ref fees?...

⇱  Team Manager FAQs

What about uniforms?

⇱  Everything you need to know about uniform kits

Do I have to collect/send player payment receipts to MetaSport?

No! All of the club and tuition (coaching fee) payments are taken care of by MetaSport staff and our automated system. We may ask for some help in reaching a parent who is unresponsive, but you will never have to keep track of payment receipts for club fees. 

⇱  Learn more about payment plans and options


How do i update my Team page in Sportsengine?

How do I get my parents on the SportsEngine app?

The best way is to do it together in person at a practice or game. Or you can provide the link below with instructions.

⇱  How-To guide to SportsEngine app for parents/players

How do I reach Affinity with tech issues?

If at any time you have technical difficulties or you don't know how to do something, please call Affinity @ 888-211-3444 M-F 7am-7pm PST. 

I need help from MetaSport!

No problem! Email Michelle Wixom, Club Administrator & Team Manager Contact.