Advanced Features for Team Pages

Do you want to add photos or videos to your Team Page? Maybe you have some inspirational articles to share? It's easy to do even more with your Team Page if you want. Here are some options...

Add main team photo to Team Page

1. Go to your Team Page at and login. 
2. Click Edit Mode on left-hand side of page. 
3. Change the placeholder photo on your Team Page.
4. Click the gear icon above photo and select Edit in dropdown.
5. Then, select Image to Upload and choose photo from your computer.
6. Click Save Changes.

Change display format of calendar/schedule

1. On your Team Page, click the gear icon above your Event Aggregator.
2. On Display Format. Choose a style.
3. Pictured below is the Upcoming Event List.

Add a News Article to your Team Page

MetaSport will post important information and monthly club news to the News Aggregator tool on your Team Pages. If you also have inspirational or helpful news to share with your team that you want to live on your page, go for it! Here's how:

⇱  How to Add a News Article to my Team Page

Here's how one MetaSport team is using the News Aggregator to share info with parents/players:


Add photo galleries

1. In Edit Mode on your Team Page, click the Photos tab.
2. Click Edit under the All Photos box.
3. In the Edit Photo Gallery window, fill out the preferences for your photo galleries.


4. Click Add Photos in gear dropdown and select files to upload to your gallery.


NOTE: To post videos, follow the above similar instructions on the Video Tab.

Want to add emails to your account or add iCal feed to your smartphone?


⇱  Visit the Parent How-To Guide