We're not your ordinary soccer club

MetaSport Futbol Club was founded on the belief that above all else, it’s about the players. We opened our doors in 2016 to players in Davis County and Salt Lake City Metro areas to the trifecta of what makes for a successful athletic program: great players, great parents, and great coaches who want a small-club experience of lasting relationships and long-term investment.

In our second year, MetaSport has over 400 players and 23 coaches, representing 37 Academy and Competitions teams. 

MetaSport FC is a tight-knit community where your kid won’t get lost in the crowd. As a small organization, we are better equipped to train the individual player. We still offer the same programs, extra training opportunities, and excellent coaching as large clubs, but on a more personal level. 

Ready for the deep stuff? We’re transformational vs transactional - we look for our players to grow. We’re not focused on recruiting kids to then just churn them through a program. Ideally, we want to spend 5, 10 years with a player, facilitate their development and see them become a high-performing, healthy athlete, and a well-rounded person.

And, we’re committed to being the first soccer club in Utah to encourage and offer multi-sport play during part of the winter season. Yep – a true off-season.

Too good to be true? We don’t think so. Let’s do this!