Players 7U - 8U

Introducing the Play On Series, new for the 2018-2019 season!


We are so excited to introduce this year our new program for kids 7U - 8U (birth years 2012 and 2011) called the PLAY ON SERIES. Our focus with this fun age group is creating a player-centered environment that is much more conducive to learning and experiencing through game-based play.



How it Works

For 8 weeks in the Summer and 6 weeks each in the Fall and Spring, players will participate in 1 Training Day a week and 1 Play Day a week, plus they'll play against other clubs during Jamboree Days. A 6-week Winter opt-in session also will be available.

√  Training Days, are one hour trainings run by licenses Meta Coaches/Trainers are meant for educational and fun activities to teach skills. 

√  Play Days are small-sided games of 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 — an environment meant for developing emotional, technical, tactical and physical skills needed to rip around the field.

√ Pool Play: The Training Days and Play Days are a pool format, versus players being assigned to a specific team. In pool play, all players in an age group or gender will train together and be matched per skill level. 

√ Jamboree Days: 7U & 8U players will participate in up to two Jamborees Days each season (Sumer, Fall and Spring) against other clubs. The Jamborees are a round robin format of small-sided games and short-timed where our players will test their skills against other club teams. 

√  Opt-in Winter Session: 6 weeks of indoor Training & Play Days, mid January-February.


Davis County & SLC Metro 7U-8U programs are slightly different, please see below for details in your area.




Fall: Dates and times TBA.

Spring: Dates and times TBA.

All Training & Play Days Location:
Centerville Community Park
1350 N 400 W, Centerville, UT 84014

Jamborees: Will be 1-2 Saturdays during each season. Dates TBA.

Cost: $548 (includes Summer, Fall, and Spring sessions , the Uniform Kit of 3 jerseys, 1 pair shorts and socks, and 1 Meta knapsack.) Payment plan options are available.

Opt-In Winter Training: $150 for 6-week session.



Fall:  6- 7 PM, Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the week of Sept. 10 and ending the week of Oct 17. 

Spring: Dates and times TBA.

All Training & Play Days Location:
11th Ave. Park
581 Terrace Hills Dr, SLC, UT 84103

Jamborees: Will be 2 Saturdays during each season. Dates TBA.

Cost: $155 each season (Summer, Fall, Spring) plus $85 for the Uniform Kit of 3 jerseys, 1 pair shorts and socks, and 1 Meta knapsack.) You can register for all three seasons or a la carte. Payment plan options are available.


Do you have questions about the new 7U & 8U PLAY ON SERIES? We're happy to help.